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What customers have to say

-"Helpful photos and vocalizations I’ve loved my Costa Rica Birds app so I was excited to see this Panama Birds app from the SAME team! This app is a great companion to my printed field guide “The Birds of Panama” by G. Angehr and R. Dean for learning the 900+ species. I find these apps (Panama and Costa Rica) extraordinarily helpful when trying to learn a few bird calls before a trip or for use during a trip for quiet comparison (never loud, never disturbing the birds) while in the field."

-Great App I'm new to birding and I travel alot. Didnt want to have to travel with a large field guide. My friends who are experienced Birders love it too now. We go birding together and this App has helped us tremendously in identifying the birds on sight. It's invaluable. Keeps track of which birds you've seen and you can add notes as to where, etc. The pictures are clear, beautiful and so easy to use. Many pictures have both the male and female counterparts. Don't know what I'd do without the App."

Birder to Birder

Features include

  • New! Images for more than 993 species.
  • New! Vocalizations for more than 914 species.
  • Listen to and learn the beautiful and exotic sounds heard in the tropical forests of Panama.
  • New! Images, information, and sounds for 47 additional species that may eventually occur in Panama.
  • Updated range maps and information for all species.
  • Similar species function for easy comparison of birds difficult to identify.
  • Customize the app with extensive and easy to use filter options.Show birds by region, color, nocturnal, endemic, and more.
  • Customize the app with notes for each species, marking species as seen or heard, and making lists of target species.
  • IUCN status for threatened species.
  • Regional endemics noted.
  • Descriptions of regions and major habitat in "App Tips".
  • Easy search by name function.
  • Quicker scrolling to browse by group and family.
  • Extensive and easy to use filter options.
  • Description, field marks, habitat for each species.
  • Which Bird is It? function allows you to take photos and make recordings of birds with your device. Email them to us and we will identify them for you!
  • Take notes on species and mark species as seen or heard.
  • Notes can include GPS location and be emailed in eBird format.
  • Camera.
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Birder to Birder

Features include